Video Coach

Breaking down game action video to identify skills, tactics & strategy

Video Coach #1 | OZ Entry - Crossing Attack & the Second Wave
Video Coach #2 | Kick out, Cross and Drive
Video Coach #3 | Puck Retrieval & Evasive Skating
Video Coach #4 | Give & Go
Video Coach #5 | Attacking off the Wall & the Royal Road
Video Coach #6 | Hunting the Dot
Video Coach #7 | Low Cycle
Video Coach #8 | Creating Space & Support off the Rush
Video Coach #9 | Open Up & Delay - Puck Protection
Video Coach #10 |  Offensive Zone Rotation – TOTAL Hockey
Video Coach #11 | Total Hockey II
Video Coach #12 | Two Drills that Helped the Penguins Win the Stanley Cup
Video Coach #13 | Perfect the Art of the Spin Move
Video Coach #14 | How to Use the Fourth Man to Join the Offensive Attack
Video Coach #15 | Using 'Table Hockey' to Teach Powerplay Puck Movement
Video Coach #16 | Watch The Leafs Use Two Indirect Passes to Create Offence
Video Coach #17 | Attacking Open Ice Using the Bump Pass

Chalk Talk

Age-appropriate skills, drills & progressions

Tight Turns
The One-Timer
Agility Skating
Speed with the Puck
ALL - Competitive ‘Game-Like’ Stations
8U - Off-Side Game
12U/16U - Shooting - Finding a Lane
ALL - Three Station Skills 
6U/8U - Skating Circles
12U/16U - Defence - Skills Stations
6U - Balancing on One & Two Skates
8U - Cross-Ice - Offside Game
14U - All Purpose Drill
ALL - Small Area Games - 2v2 / 3v3
ALL - Defenseman Escapes


Breakaway | Building a Hockey Curriculum
Breakaway | Teaching Skills vs. Systems
Breakaway | Why I love 10,000 Hours - Sept. 2016
Breakaway | Where do Goals come from? - Feb. 2017


Shooting with a Purpose 
The Gap between Skills & Systems 
The Role of the Minor Hockey Association in Player Development 
Building Talent through Practice 
The Role of Parents in Player Development 
Keep it Fun & Athletic 
Players are Players 
10,000 Hour Rule & the Role of the Coach 
The Changing Game 
Inside Scouting: What Does it Take? (Part I) 
Inside Scouting: What Does it Take? (Part II) 
World Hockey Summit Emphasizes Key Points for Minor Hockey 
What I Learned on my Finnish Vacation 
Overspeed Training
Back to Basics 
Technology & Skill Development 
Unique Ice Usage 

Rogers Hometown Hockey Tips

Rogers Hometown Hockey Tips Video Series - Complete playlist